C2C 2019 - Twinnie Indigo

Sunday morning at the Indigo and the crowd was heavily predicated towards sitting in the balcony rather than standing on the ground floor, with two full on days starting to take their toll. Having said that, there were still a few hardy souls sipping on an early morning pint at the front and it was the 10:30 slot that Twinnie had drawn to kick start the day into life,

Taking to the stage in animal print trousers and a top that just about managed to serve its function with the aid of a leather jacket, a voice from the crowd shouted "Wake 'em up Twinnie!" - she certainly did that with an eye catching performance.

The set opened with her life story in a song "Hollywood Gypsy" which was a good early morning work out for her vocal chords that she passed with aplomb, hitting the big notes on "Half Gypsy!". The next song "Daddy Issues" had some smart lyrics and a classic country chorus with "Why do good good women stay with bad bad men." and again providing some big early morning notes to hit.

For the third song she put down her acoustic guitar which left her free to move around the stage, and like a professional she seemed to know how to give the photographers exactly the shot they wanted. "Bad Bitch" came with sassy delivery and the pay off line in the chorus, a precautionary warning "but you better not call me one!". One of only 2 UK artists to play the Radio 2 Indigo Stage ( Sam Palladio the other ) she seemed totally at home playing the flamboyant larger than life character that this sort of show demands.

Her latest EP was represented by "Type Of A Girl" which kept the party vibe going, while the effortlessly likeable "Cupid" previewed at The Troubadour a few weeks ago now had an almost calypso feel to it. The most spectacular part of the set came when she changed pace and hit the audience with a song that was six years old. It was a piano based ballad and there was a real concentrated effort to deliver this perfectly. Stood holding the microphone in one hand and the stand in the other, there were no bells and whistles just a straight forward spot on delivery, the extended note held on the word "Memory" was extremely impressive and the song received a rightfully extended round of applause. One final song, "Manicure" saw a return to the sassy performer over something of a retro sound and saw Twinnie dancing around the stage gleefully - it was a brash in your face set but once it was over no-one could deny that the Sunday proceedings had well and truly started.

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