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  • Chris Farlie

Molly-Anne - In Your Dreams

Hailing from Gloucestershire, Molly-Anne will be one of the pop up artists at this weekends C2C festival and on the basis of this single well worth checking out. Straddling the area somewhere between folk and country "In Your Dreams" is a beautiful hypnotic lullaby with delicate mandolin, guitar and piano providing a perfect backing for Molly-Anne's almost lilting voice.

It comes with some beautiful lyrics "The day will come to pierce the night" and is delivered with some aplomb that make it an absolute pleasure to listen to repeatedly.

With tour dates forthcoming with TEAMw21 favourite Danny McMahon, 2019 already looking good for Molly-Anne

Molly-Anne will be appearing on the ICON Stage:

Saturday 11:40

Sunday 15:00

#ollyAnne #InYourDreams

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