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Morganway - Frozen In Our Time

If there is one band destined to do things in 2019 it is Morganway - a convergence of styles and influences from all sorts of genres of music coming together to make something quite unique. As a live band they are simply outstanding and now the revamped line up is finally releasing its first single.

Always ready to set trends rather than follow them "Frozen In Our Time" a staple of recent live sets, is something suitably unexpected in a single - It is a sub 6 minute epic that sees Nicole Terry's violin providing the initial backdrop along with some gentle keyboard playing before the inimitable vocals of SJ Mortimer kick in.

The whole thing then heads of into another direction after the first run through of the chanting chorus, with a glorious guitar solo, a fiddle solo and SJ providing the sort of extraordinary vocal performance that we've come to expect in a Morganway live show. There is so much jam packed into the time frame that is so completely absorbing, the single flies by in no time whatsoever. It comes with a suitably cryptic lyric video which along with the cover only enhances the mystery and intrigue - fantastic!!!

They will be at C2C 2019 and across the UK in the coming months - if you've not seen them before be prepare to be blown away!!!

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