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Dean Maywood - Jane

Based in Donegal, Dean Maywood is a new name to TEAMw21 but with this classic slice of guitar driven singer songwriting he's someone we might be hearing a lot more of if the EP due in May that contains this single matches this. The cover shows us Jane with her back to us pretty much as described in the second verse with "her long blonde hair".

"Jane" opens with a strident acoustic guitar intro, the other instruments clearly playing a supporting role. Lyrically there is encounter of mutual appreciation - "She told me that one song was enough for her said it could take her anywhere if I played it right" while for singer from the stage "those eyes could take me anywhere I hope they take me home". Dean has a rich storytellers voice that keeps you engaged to the story from the very start.

With a plaintive and immediately likeable chorus of "It's late and I don't want to leave without you" there is a faint female voice singing in the background. The second verse builds up more of a picture of the mysterious Jane who the next day after staying the night picks up a guitar and can sing "every word in harmony"

The single ends suddenly with Dean on stage singing his heart out every night hoping that "it is still enough"

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