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Sarah Darling - Call Me

Nothing quite makes the heart skip a beat like getting a mail from Sarah Darling with the title "Call Me". It is of course the first single from her new record "Wonderland" due in March 2019 which promises a host of collaborations and from the shows during Country Music Week some great songs.

"Call Me" is produced by Jim Eliot who has credits with the likes of Kylie and Ellie Goulding as well having an array of co writers including Matt Dragstrem, Sarah Buxton and one name that really caught our eye Daniel Tashian. Daniel now famous for his work with Kacey Musgraves and for contributions to the Nashville TV Series but well known to us for his work with his band The Silver Seas who are masters of catchy tune and a great turn of phrase.

When "Call Me" was previewed live during CMW with just two guitarists it immediately demonstrated a change in direction - there's a lot of lyrics to absorb, delivered snappily over a slightly too busy background for my liking however there's no denying that it has a certain undeniable groove.

The cover has Sarah in full hypnotic mode and the aforementioned lyrics have the highway of which she wants to "feel every curve" rhyming with the great couplet

"Like that taste of whiskey, when you want to kiss me - but you don't have the nerve". The song has Sarah making the proposal " I want to be there for you - if you want if you really want me too". It all adds to building up a sense of anticipation for the new record which promises to be an "experiment in new sonic territories".

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