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  • Chris Farlie

Vic Allen - Keeping Me Up

The first thing that strikes you about Vic Allen's new single is the quite stunning cover, showing her looking positively statuesque like a Hollywood film star of the Forties, as she stares out into the distance. She's been out in Nashville recording her debut LP and this is the second single in a matter of months following on from the excellent "Blinded".

As with "Blinded", remarkably little instrumentation is used on "Keeping Me Up" yet by the end of the song you don't really notice. Once again there is much to be admired in the attention to detail in the use of backing vocals. especially towards the end where she provides her own support under a couple of beautifully sustained notes.

The song is driven along by some punchy drumming and Vic's unique style of delivery which is able to perfectly convey the right feelings of doubt and insecurity that the song requires.

Lyrically the singer has broken up with someone only to be struck with the thought "Was it the right thing to do?". She acknowledges that "I left you heart on the floor" but then finds herself worrying about it at two in the morning."Waiting on a good night kiss I thought I didn't need".

Breaking all conventions the song closes with Vic wistfully singing the line "I just want to see you again" before closing suddenly with a time check it is "Two AM"

as ever with any of Vic's singles there is an exceptional video


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