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  • Words Chris Farlie

Dominique Pruitt - High In The Valley

Due credit for Gary over at Laurel Canyon for bringing this to our attention. It is totally wonderful yet ridiculously difficult to describe, there's a definite touch of the spaghetti western in the opening, a sixties vibe for sure, you could almost start to think it was a little kitch but the lyrics when they kick in are an absolute joy - you could virtually quote the whole song it is that good - who is not going to be intrigued by an opening couplet of "The closest i've ever been to God is a Bible in a nightstand at an old roadside motel"?

It's a hustlers tale she's "never been a good girl no but i'm pretty good at always getting by", someone who know they are trapped in a seedy existence, "the life from the other side of the Hollywood sign" but who is sassy enough to survive. Dominique's voice perfectly captures the role starting almost as if it has smoked one too many cigarette or had one drink too many but that quickly gives gives way to the street wise character.

The record is so cinematic that it hardly surprising that it comes with an equally interesting video which is the record perfectly encapsulated and more!!

It's been five years apparently since she's released anything but this is surely going to see her return with a bang !!