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  • Chris Farlie

Luke Yates - Beautiful Mess

When we saw Luke Yates, a few months ago supporting Lauren Ray, he did mention that he'd have a new EP coming soon and this is the debut single.That night he appeared acoustic and solo, so who was to know what it was going to eventually sound like? Well as it turns out after an opening of drums and piano he's thrown the proverbial kitchen sink on this production including a sumptuous string section.

Dealing with the transformation of meeting "the one", the first verse details deals very much with the before with Luke describing "the notion of love wasn't something I trusted". The music as mentioned before is simple almost basic compared to what is to come, much like the change the singer is about to to go through.

The chorus when it comes sees Luke able to let rip with some impressive vocals backed by a huge supporting sound. The "Beautiful Mess" is what she has created in which he now finds himself as she is able to "Push me over the edge but I don't mind it". It could be gushing and soppy but it comes across as heartfelt and a real tribute.

This is superior singer songwriting, if the rest of the EP is as good as this, we could be seeing the emergence of something really special.

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