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  • Chris Farlie

Country Music Week Day 2 - Duane Eddy, Robert Vincent - The London Palladium

When Duane Eddy was announced as part of Country Music Week, a few eyebrows were raised, who could possible want to see an octogenarian guitarist playing country.? Well as TeamW21 took their positions at the London Palladium it became evident that not only was it good enough for the likes of Jimmy Page and Richard Hawley, it was also good enough two thousand or so other fans many it must be said who may well have seen him in his prime and who were determined to take this rare opportunity to see him again. While in the UK Duane has been staying with Bob Harris so it was only fitting that Bob was to take to the stage as MC for the evening. The thrill of the evening we are sure was a bucket list moment for Bob to take the stage of the Palladium, as he revealed that he had never throughout his career been lucky enough to enjoy that moment.

Before they got to see their idol though it was a chance to see one of the rising stars of British Americana, there is no bill that is not brightened by adding the name Robert Vincent. Such has been the interest that Robert has been generating that his most recent album "I'll Make The Most Of My Sins" has just been re released nearly a year after it first went on sale. Tonight though he chose to open with a brand new song "My Neighbour’s Ghost" with his band consisting of a drummer, guitarist and double bass. With a ready wit and a great batch of songs like "November" with it's haunting "Don't Blame Me" chorus ringing around the Palladium. His tour de force was the closing song "Demons" - he returns to London in November at the Lexington and is well worth a visit

After a further introduction from Bob, the Titan of Twang took to the stage and the crowd was just mesmerised by this legend that was performing before us. #TEAMw21 had previously spoken to members of the audience who had been waiting over forty years for the chance to see him live, and with this maybe being his the last tour, we knew this was a historic occasion. It was equally special as we were present to celebrate Duane’s 80th Birthday. Something that was noted when Imelda May got us all singing “Happy Birthday” to Duane himself.

It was to be an evening of guest appearances with Bruce Welch, Robert Hawley, and the aforementioned Imelda May appearing to make it a truly special evening of music.

For anyone who knows Duane’s music it is generally instrumental, however he did have two backing singers, the band were a five strong line up of Shez Sheridan, guitar; Jon Trier, keyboards; Colin Elliott, bass; Dean Beresford, drums; and the amazing Paul Corry on sax.

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