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Lainey Wilson - Lainey Wilson EP

Arriving in country Music Week for her debut UK shows is Lainey Wilson with a support slot with Chase Rice planned along with an appearance at the weekend Daytime Hub. With only a self released EP to her name she will be unfamiliar to many, but having signed a deal with Broken Bow records it seems likely we'll be seeing a lot more of her in the months to come as she brings with her

The EP nicely showcase her talents, her ability to paint vivid real situations and attach them to cracking tunes. The EP starts with "Working Overtime" an honest in your face song appraisal of how she got to where she is . The people doing the working are the "angels" keeping her on the straight and narrow for as she says in the opening line "I've sure done a lot of fast living out on the edge and i swear it's a miracle I didn't end up dead!!". It has a bit of everything an anthemic chorus, a rocking guitar solo and an honest introduction as to who she is - if you are going to announce yourself you may as well do it with a bang!

The EP shows different sides to Lainey, the next song the acoustic "Dreamcatcher" shows a different delicate persona, someone to take nightmares away, "standing in the way of any harm that's haunting you". The gently played guitar perfectly balanced by a strong but reassuringly firm vocal. Also among the quieter songs though coming from a totally different angle is "Microphone", which takes a considered view to betrayal and especially the perils of doing that to a songwriter

"Waste Of Good Whiskey" is a somewhat sideways look at a chance encounter. Lainey sets the scene with "Guess I had my ain't paying for sh*t kinda lipstick on last night!", and "You bought the bottles and I kept on pourin'". In the end it leads to being " A pretty penny for a faded memory" and the title of the song. It doesn't seek to moralise, it is what it is and the biggest regret is the waste of the top shelf alcohol. Attached to a tune that is begging for a large crowd to sing along with it as they surely will be before long.

"Breakin your Heart ( Is Breaking Mine)" is a subtle goodbye note, and opens with the stunning couplet "This could be the last time we ever talk, gonna tell you how I feel and then drop you off". It's the end of a 3 year relationship, There's no cheating or drinking behind the decision in fact we don't really get told any reason at all, which anchors it in reality, just the feeling that even though it will hurt it needs to end. The tune backs up those feelings, and echoes the lyrics, there is going to be real hurt here. While speaking of sassy songs they don't come more in your face than "Middle Finger" detailing the power of the third digit and the "confidence to stand up for myself" that it brings, it's a hoot and attached to a thumpingly good rocking tune.

If you missed her supporting Chase Rice you'll have one last chance on Saturday at the Borderline - next tine you may not get so close!.

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