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  • Chris Farlie

Jonas & Jane - Sedona Rain EP

The third EP from Surrey based duo Jonas & Jane sees them build on the sound they showed at this years Buckle & Boots festival where they were able to bring the American heartland to us. Sedona is a town in Arizona and this EP will quickly transport you there with its simplicity and authenticity, rarely are there more than three instruments playing at once giving the EP that feeling of open space

The EP opens with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica that simply evokes the Wild West. The track "Hold Me" also has a pedal steel mournfully playing without and also makes full use of their great harmonies to make a haunting opener.

The third song "Don't Cry For Me" is about leaving on a good note, and has the singer about to board a train and skip town. The playing has a jaunty feel and is able to evoke the feeling of being at a station so much so that you half expect to hear a whistle or steam engine. He leaves with some parting words "Don't lose your way don't let it break your heart" and makes it clear that he has a "one way ticket" but also makes it clear that the person left behind should not feel sad or downhearted.

"Jumping Ship" is an acoustic guitar and banjo song, and captures the moment someone realises they have found the one. Jonas narrates setting the scene "All my life i've been running around jumping ship just to see it drown", however, just as it reaches a point where "times are hard, feeling low" and that you "reap just what you sow" things change, "Once I had once voice now I have two"

The title track closes the EP, and once again the pedal steel makes a reappearance to great effect. Lyrically there are some nice touches that plant the song in reality such as the "sudden raindrops" that "turn the ground red" while the song captures the moment where personal feelings and surroundings come together to make a moment so special that it can't be spoiled, not even by heavy rain.

A timeless collection of songs, steeped in traditional Americana yet not in any way nostalgic, .

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