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Joe Martin - Love Strong

The second single of the year from Joe Martin is an absolute corker from beginning to end with great backing supplied by the Champions Of The World, normally seen supporting Danny!

"Love Strong" has been a staple part of his solo live set for some time now and it was great then but with the additional backing it has been totally transformed into a wondrous piece of Country rock.

With an instantly memorable chorus it is more confirmation that Joe Martin is becoming one of the foremost singer songwriters on the UK circuit.

The pedal steel from Henry Senior and Andy Fairclough 's keyboards make this something truly special..

Underneath all this beautiful playing is quite a dark tale, a plea to keep the faith with someone clearly going through a bad time " in a dark, dark place" with " A life to live, but I can’t see it " and who's can only see one way to get out of this mess" Your love’s a light that gives me hope".

With a powerful batch of songs yet to be recorded, 2019 with a bit of luck and support will surely be a breakthrough year for Joe.


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