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  • Chris Farlie

Katy Hurt - See Ya Later

You can certainly never accuse Katy Hurt of standing still releasing the same sounding record time after time and this new single the first from her forthcoming Pledge campaign funded EP "Unfinished Business" recorded in Canada is something new again.

The sound is perhaps her most pop sounding record to date complete with a sassy delivery which is a put down to a potential shallow suitor.

The musicality is driven by a steady backbeat and a swathe of guitars both acoustic and electric leading to a chorus based around a repeated "See Ya Later"

Lyrically it portrays Katy in a position of strength, world wise where she is not to be entertained by a predatory man looking for his next victim. She's able to dismiss him easily "We ain’t never ever gonna meet up for coffee when you ask me for the third time" while at the same time keen to emphasize that " I’m not that different from the other girls"

Ending on a sudden punchy "See ya later" Quite possibly her punchiest single to date and although just short of 3 minutes long it seems to fly past in half that time and demand that you play it again.!

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