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Live Festival Review Raihanna Estrada Buckle & Boots 2018

For many this was a first chance to see and hear Raihanna in the flesh but here at #TEAMw21 we have been loving her work since her debut EP and her previous UK appearance at the Yeehaw Festival in 2014.

Today as then she was accompanied by her husband Eric Bickerstaffe on guitar and the pair got off to a great start with "To The Grave" a high tempo opener about a secret affair.

Quickly followed by a visit to her 2nd EP for "Puppeteer" her song about being strung along while the ever popular "Fireball" during which she had to verbally improvise the guitar solo to great effect!.

With Miriam Issac joining the team on stage to provide backing vocals there was a poignant tribute to Tom Petty who Raihanna had seen in his last set of shows, with a version of "Freefalling".

Where would a country set be without a train song and Raihanna would not let us down with one inspired by a train journey in Sweden of all places, "Jump Off The Train". with it's snappy "If i Could I Would and That's a Fact" chorus.

The final three songs were all unrecorded "The Dark" which was previewed at the opening songwriters round, "Chasing Stars" that neatly incorporated a bit of Tracey Chapmans "Fast Car" before closing out on "Habit".


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