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Buckle & Boots 2018 - Paddock Stage - Curran

The job of closing the Paddock Stage on the Saturday night fell to Curran, last seen by us at a pre Christmas show raising money for charity at the Troubadour and since then a victim of senseless violence that saw him hospitalised and his UK tour cancelled. Seemingly recovered and with preferred guitarist in tow they proceeded to give a lesson in how to create an atmosphere and bring in a crowd.

The twin guitar approach certainly helped to create a Saturday night vibe form seemingly nothing with his opener "Better Days Ahead" and the infectious sound of his single "My Love Won't Let You Down" had the the ability to aurally drag people into the Paddock stage.

At that Troubadour pre Christmas Curran previewed some songs from his his new record and tonight he dropped in another "Why HAs God Called Back His Angels" which with its big guitar sound was very strong.

A version of "Midnight Rider" followed "For the cowboys in the house" which segued into "old Fashioned Cowboy" that had the feel of a Bon Jovi song about it. which was pretty apt as ever the trouper even with only 5 strings he launched into a Bon Jovi cover of "Blood On Blood".

The set was to close with an outrageous version of "Run Back To You" from his "Beginnings" EP which came complete with some outrageous posing but why not - he had just created something from nothing and the Paddock Stage could close knowing it has been truly rocked!!

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