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Buckle & Boots 2018 Paddock Stage Mairead

Mairead is one of those artists that is firmly on the #TEAMw21 radar, with a voice absolutely custom made for Country songs and an ability to write what seem like they could be "big" songs, the big test that lies ahead for her is getting them down as definitive versions. As she took the stage with a Cajon, bass and guitar player she wasted no time in laying one of those big songs on us "When The Stars Allign" already has a great feel about it

In her blue dress and white boots she was perfectly dressed for a Kasey Musgraves cover and sure enough "Follow Your Arrow" was next in the set list. In all honesty though it is her own work that really fascinates, "Searching For Ghosts" which we saw previewed at the debut Corn On The Cob show already sounds like a classic and Mairead get a chance to supply a suitably huge vocal.

It was back to the covers for a version of Cam's "Diane" which was furiously upbeat and got a rousing response from the crowd. It seems that our first recorded output from Mairead will be a duet she has done with Johnny Brady called "If You Loved Me Once" with Johnny's place tonight being taken by Mairead's guitarist, it's due for release later in the summer.

Her set nearly ended in disaster with an attempt to teach the audience a 4 line chorus to the final song "Lately". The omens did not look good as we went into the song but Mairead need not have bothered for not only was "Lately" a great song it was picked up by the audience in no time who duly did song along anyway. With belting vocals and a great guitar solo it has all the feel of a cast iron hit about it.

Mairead will be at the Water Rats on Monday 2nd July with Steve Young, Liv Austen and the aforementioned Johnny Brady and - Go and see what all the fuss is about


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