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  • Chris Farlie

Josh Beddis - At The End Of The Day

Quite often the postbag brings new music to #TEAMw21 towers rarely does it come from someone with as low a profile as Josh Beddis.but that may be about to change.

With a further single to come next month and then an EP to follow we may all start to get used to the musician based in Pembrokeshire.

This debut single will certainly appeal to the Americana end of the spectrum particular those like ourselves who are fond of Jason Isbell who I would surmise is an influence on Josh , they certainly share a nasally vocal sound.

"At The End Of The Day" starts with a slow acoustic and electric guitar and some motherly advice "Don't rush in don't be a fool". .

The drums kick in at the start of the second verse which is about reflections on the past and small regrets.The song then covers a whole lifetime and ends with the singer "old, hairs turning gray" reaching the "twilight of his years", having had a life well spent, the song even ends on a sudden note as if the end has been reached.

It's an unusual choice as a debut but none the less fascinating, making the best of a fairly limited palette of instrumentation to good effect, we'll certainly be watching out for what Josh does next.

#JoshBeddis #AtTheEndOfTheDay

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