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Emily Faye Here I Am EP

Having delighted us earlier in the year with her single "Open Road", a second member of the "Write Like A Girl" troupe, Emily Faye has now added an additional three tracks to make an EP. It is "Open Road" that starts the EP and listening to it again with the sun blazing in the sky, it sounds all the more brighter and breezier, enhanced by the guitar work that runs through the track and indeed plays a prominent part across the whole EP..

The "Open Road" being a metaphor for life where "every little speed bump won't be hard to overcome" and "no matter where life takes us you will always be the one" is a lovely expression of a lasting relationship.

The song that has the line the gives the EP its title is "Giving In", it also captures Emily's singing at it's best. The song finds Emily stuck in the middle of a dilemma between "Head and heart". The song has a glorious chorus, that engages from the very first listen and refuses to let go.

"Game Over" opens with a lovely guitar intro and the words "I ignored The warning signs". It turns into snappy way to end a relationship, you certainly know where you stand if someone says "You can take your toothbrush home, delete your number from my phone"

"Me For Me" hopefully not about the person from the previous song, as this is a relationship where the partner plays a more positive role bringing out the best in the writer. The instrumentation created from two or three guitars provides an excellent backing for Emily to sing over, and this time the sassy delivery of "Game Over" is replaced with a softer sweeter warmer expression of feeling. Once again mention should go the electric guitar work which is sparing but adds to the track in exactly the right places.

The EP is called "Here I Am" and this well and truly announces Emily's arrival - available online or why not pick up a physical copy on her forthcoming UK tour.

The Write Like A Girl tour that sees Emily, Beth Keeping & Vic Allen play across the country kicks off this week with a number of special guests appearing in the mystery fourth slot.

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