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Beth Keeping - Fool EP

This EP opens with an ominous drum beat and sinister guitar that set things up for a classic pop single. "Dodged A Bullet" was released as a single pre Christmas and it is hard to be believe that we did not all sing along to it as it topped the charts!

Lyrically it opens equally dramatically "Fireworks turned out to be gunshots". It deals with meeting someone, being wooed with"absinthe and adrenaline", "champagne and chivalry" before eventually realising that the person is not Mr Right. He's using "Recycled lines the same ones you used a hundred times". It's a great song with a chorus that just eats into your brain! a perfect introduction to a fabulous EP.

"Strangers In The Same City" is the new single and while it may not have the same immediate intensity it does it shows Beth to have a keen ear for a great tune. Opening almost folk like over a strumming guitar it paints an intriguing picture of what happens when you split up with someone but still live in the same vicinity. Even worse when potentially you are not sure you are over it as it leads to the quandary "I'm scared that i'll see you and i'm scared that I won't".

"Naked" contains possibly the finest vocal performance of the EP in a song that deals with relationship openness "With you I can't hide what's inside". The first third of the song is to relatively simple guitar backing before the drums really kick in turning this into another perfect pop song.

"No Hard Feelings" the "Nashville Version" comes with the ubiquitous clicking that seems synonymous with radio friendly songs these days. This song has a couple of noticable differences in delivery, first off the quick fire delivery of the lines and secondly some studio trickery at the end distorting the vocals towards the end. Lyrically it starts with someone pointing out her perceived shortcomings with expression "no hard feelings" being used as some sort of justification. Fortunately it is realised that this criticism could have been allowed "break me" and the response is a calling cry for those who find themselves in a similar tradition "I'll be who i'm supposed to be" not shaped by anyone else.

"Fool" again is something slightly different as it is the only song that opens to a piano. It packs a lot of drama into a remarkable story it relates.over its 3 minutes. As we join the song we find Beth on the doorstep of someone who has said it is all over, and is about to try to convince him he's wrong, as in her mind "I think you're worth it". In the wrong hands this might sound a bit creepy but Beth is able to convey her feelings at all times and details the risks involved in this highly unusual strategy.. The background music steadily increases with the drama and the song leaves us on a cliffhanger of a line !I can see you coming down the drive"! It is a brave song as it exposes the singers most intimate and innermost feelings.

This EP is a great showcase of Beth's talents both musically and lyrically where she is not shy to take on complex emotional subjects that at times expose her inner soul It really sets things up for both the EP launch show and the "Write Like A Girl" tour with fellow artists Emily Faye and Vic Allen

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