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  • Chris Farlie

Fred's House - Never Gonna Love You / Can We Just Pretend?

Fresh from their recent Chinese adventure comes the return of Fred's House with a couple of new songs continuing to build on their already large repertoire of pop classics.

"Never Gonna Love You" delivers the "sad but true" message to a prospective suitor that the best he can hope for is to be her "go to guy when she needs a shoulder to cry on".

Vikki Gavin impressively guides us through the story while there is some notable guitar work from Lachlan Golder that makes this track stand out.

If It's Vikki that takes us through the opening song then it's Griff Jameson who takes lead duties on the second new song "Can We Just Pretend?" a soulful classic from the Fred's showing their versatility. Punctuated by a superior guitar solo this really is a double A side .

Those purchasing the limited edition CD or 7" Vinyl also get some bonus live tracks and to get the full Fred's House fix you could try watching the Never Gonna Love You video!

They are also currently on tour and remain one of the most sonsistantly entertaining bands on the UK circuit.


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