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  • Chris Farlie

Jaclyn Kenyon - Daddy's Got A Shotgun

Clearly demonstrating the difference in fathering techniques from across the ocean comes Jaclyn Kenyon with her debut single "Daddy's Got A Shotgun"! She's a 20 year old Canadian and this song is certainly going to widen her fan base.

It's tongue is firmly planted in its cheek, as Jaclyn gives you a number of reasons why you should come over and meet her but then ends with two pieces of info that any prospective boyfriend would need to take into consideration, the first the fact that her "Daddy has a shotgun" and "He ain't afraid to use one" and also the rather worrying quote not to ask about "the last one" - your predecessor!

The song itself fairly bounces along and comes with a cracking chorus, and Jaclyns voice is given plenty of room to let rip, There is also a suitably enjoyable video that comes with it - looking forward to hearing more from her.

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