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Kylie Golden Album Launch - Cafe de Paris

After four days of C2C #TEAMw21 were extremely excited to be heading to the Cafe de Paris for the "Golden" album launch for Kylie.  These had been the most sought after tickets in town and having seen the video to "Dancing", we knew that, with influences from Nashville, we would be in for a treat.

After what felt like an eternal wait outside and numerous checks from various officials, the fans were allowed in, first the meet and greeters, then the early entry’s and finally general access folk It was a slow but steady process but we made it. !

What a small intimate venue the Cafe De Paris is, you walk down the sweeping staircase to be met by the smallest, postage stamp of a stage, jam packed with equipment.  Suddenly a wave of excitement hit, the very stool that Kylie would be sitting on was there just to the left of the stage.  Already huddled around it approximately 70 people, so we edged to the right of the stage, to the other side of the sweeping staircase.  We waited and waited, all the while various disco tunes played rather loudly to keep the mood upbeat.  Then at 9pm. lights flickered and action stations.  The lights dropped and a spotlight appeared!!

At the top of our stairwell, there she was, a vision in double denim and sparkles, our disco cowgirl and the show started with the title track from her new album.  The crowd went wild as the music started, but as the final note ended and after rapturous applause, she checked that everyone was happy, otherwise “she would have got her coat”. What!!! After just one song, no chance, we wanted more. Now at this point Miss Minogue explained that she was still awaiting a “growth spurt” despite being “ 49 and ten twelfths” all this as she climbed back up the stairs to address her attentive audience so she could be seen, most of them phones in hand desperately trying to get that perfect shot.  She agreed to continue doing this throughout the night so everyone would get to see her.

Despite her being obviously the pop princess that we all know and love through the decades, having recently visited Nashville there is a definite tip of the hat to country music in some of her new songs, "Shelby 68" is all about her Daddy’s car and "A Lifetime To Repair", along with a fabulous cover of "Islands In The Stream" with her guitarist Big Luke, was pretty amazing.  The whole theme of the evening of denim, rhinestones, guitars and mandolin definitely gave it a country feel for me.

It was wonderful when Jack Savoretti joined her on stage to sing their duet from the new album, "Music’s Too Sad".  We also had two very clever new musical new arrangements of "Put Yourself In My Place" and "Hand On Your Heart", something which will be carried into the new tour.

It was a great night, definitely fun and uplifting, a great end to my C2C week.  So if you are a Kylie fan do book to see her on the road, we highly recommend it.

Set List


One Last Kiss

Raining glitter 


Put yourself in my place

Shelby 68

Radio On

Island in the Stream with Big Luke

The One 

A Lifetime To Repair 

Music’s Too Sad

Hand on Your Heart

All The Lovers

Stop Me From Falling

Encore - Sincerely Yours 



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