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Lost Hollow Big Entrance Stage C2C 2018

Lost Hollow were one of the bands that #TEAMw21 had vowed to see before the festival was over, a view that was bizarrely cemented when we were sent their Christmas EP by mistake by a short sighted Ebay merchant! They have a unique image, Tommy Harden with a look something akin to a university Professor with his waistcoat and long beard while his wife Lorrie also looked a picture in black. They were joined by their son on guitar as well as a crack band to make an outstanding impression.

It was Tommy who started the show off, taking the lead vocal on "When I Get Home", and as the first verse ended everyone joined in and we had twin vocals, a fiddle and an absolutely beautiful sound flying around the foyer of the O2. It was straight to a ukelele intro for "Looking For Happy", which was both refreshingly old school and yet sounded remarkably fresh. They had a lovely repartee with the crowd even picking out The Worry Dolls who were also watching and singing along.with the band, on "We Both Lose", a slightly slower song that saw husband and wife exchanging lovely glances throughout the song.

An example of their good humour came with their next intro which had the honour of being both their most requested and most depressing song. It had been on hold for Kelly Clarkson until she found happiness! "Water & Oil", started quietly, as a duet before building into something quite special. this was hugely enjoyable good time country music, take "We Are One" for example which had its own little "hippy vibe" ! Closing with the furious pace of "Runaway", it was a great end to a fabulous set.

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