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C2C 2018 Radio 2 at Indigo Lindsay Ell

Introduced not just by Bob Harris but by her producer Kristian Bush as well was the mighty ball of energy that is Lindsay Ell, looking an absolute picture. The drum intro to "Wildfire" boomed out across the Indigo before we got to hear that opening riff, and then the moment you look forward to when she takes her hands away from the strings but the riff keeps on going. Her album "The Project" is a masterpiece and songs like "Castle" with its thumping beat and superb guitar solo took on a new life when played live.

The new single "Waiting On You" was delivered with such effortless ease that it was a pleasure to witness as Lindsay would stroll to the front of the stage and walk along the edge while extracting the maximum from her 6 strings.

There was so much to enjoy, from "Champagne" for the ladies, with it's chorus "You Make Me Feel like Jessica Biel" being an instant singalong or the funky mix of "Mint". This was high intensity, extremely impressive playing that left you gasping and wanting for more.. For "Space" Lindsay was on her knees playing a solo that would put many a heavy metal guitarist to shame.

The closing song saw the twin guitar salvo of Lindsay and her guitarist start "Criminal" before Lindsay took on the main playing duties. Sometimes you can sense when a performer is holding back but you could never accuse that of Lindsay who powered out the vocals almost rasping them out by the final chorus, absolutely nothing was left spare in the tank.

Speaking to her afterwards it seems she'll be back later in the year - whatever you do make sure you get a ticket!

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