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Aftershow Party: Delta Rae All Bar One C2C 2018

Since seeing them acoustically but a few a days ago there has been little to mention to people but "Have You Seen Delta Rae?". Having caught the tail end of their set at NyLon it was clear to see that C2C had taken them to heart as we predicted.

Hitting the stage, fifteen minutes after events had completed in the main arena it was immediately apparent that this was going to be the full Delta Rae experience, the drum kit bigger, and taller brother Eric was now stood behind a couple of keyboards, the one thing that remained the same the sheer power of four voices singing as one. The set was to open with a snippet of a cover of The Eagles "Seven Bridges Road" before launching into a version of "A Long And A Happy Life" so powerful that we all woke up whistling it the next morning such was strength of Liz Hopkins vocals.

The addition of the keys takes the mix to a whole different level in terms of the sound they are able to generate. There was a new song in the shape of "The Wrong Ocean", with Eric taking the lead on the majority of the verses before all the band join in on the chorus, however by the end we were all singing it such was the infectious nature.

In a set that continually reached new heights, they continued to make a sound that made your jaw drop. "Chasing Twisters" from their "After It All" album with its whistling intro turned into an aural assault the likes of which this country has rarely seen. This was followed by "No Dry Eye In The Chapel" with Brittany on Lead vocals again which has the audience clapping like an gospel spiritual show. It is hard to impress just how awesome this show became, the sheer power of four voices at once on "Morning Comes"

Their version of "The Chain" was simply a tour de force that had the whole audience singing along at full voice as our shredded vocal chords were to testify to the next morning. Quite simply this was one of the best performances at C2C 2018.

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