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Liv Austen The Big Entrance Stage C2C 2018

Taking to the stage in a Gwen Steffani(esque) outfit was Liv Austen for whom 2018 promises much. With a batch of fine tunes and a label backing her as well as an extremely tight band thing started with surely what will be one of the stand out tracks on her debut album when it is released "Miss Nobody" which was a perfect set opener.

The set was a taster for what is to come "Train Of Thought" was an excellent duet with her fiddle player. "Detour" with its fiddle and guitar intro simply gets better every time and gives Liv a chance to really display her vocal talents.

The set picked up pace with her single "The Next Time", where she was easily able to coax the audience into providing the requisite backing vocals. The set closed with "Don't Regret A Single One" and looking from a distance she looked every bit the star and seemed to love every second of it.

Liv also wins the C2C 2018 Dragon's Den award for Entrepreneurship by giving away a free single and capturing those all important email addresses on a mailing list which remarkably I did not see anyone else try to emulate.


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