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Holloway Road - Big Entrance Stage C2C 2018

Back for a record fourth consecutive year are a revamped Holloway Road, with a slightly revamped line up headed by the increasingly confident songwriting partnership of Jack Cooper and Rob Gulston. This was not a day for sitting back on former glories though and they immediately kicked things off with a new song "Autograph", one of a number they would play throughout the weekend, before hitting the highly popular chords of "Undercover" which has the uncanny ability of sounding better the more you hear it.

C2C is a big platform and where better to make a big announcement such as releasing 2 singles in the forthcoming month. This was an eye opener for a couple of reasons, first of all, I've never seen Rob take off his guitar to sit behind the keyboards before but secondly and most importantly the song "No Place" had all the hallmarks of being a big proper classic country song, it was simply a delight. They have never been short of a catchy tune as the next song, "If She Falls" proved but "No Place" seemed to show a more serious side to the band,

The last time I saw Holloway Road play "Get There?", I said it was sailing a little close to being white reggae, since then it has worked itself in to a full on Rockafeller skank of a song"! Fortunately it was swiftly followed by "Drive" and the always guaranteed to get an audience chanting "We Said So". They then went on to play packed out shows at The Water Margin where word filtered back to #TEAMw21 of people having to be turned away such was the clamour to get in.


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