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Clara Bond Big Entrance Stage C2C 2018

Second to appear on the Big Entrance stage on Friday was Clara Bond, wisely sporting a coat to keep warm on what was hastily becoming a quite chilly foyer. Kicking off with the incessantly catchy "Out of Towners", got things off to a punchy poppy start. Clara has all the talents to really move up a league this year, there were lots of little touches to admire in this set like, the slower intro to "Love Can't Stay" over a dream like guitar before bringing in the band to really rev things up for the second verse while expressively gesturing with her hands to really sell each line.

There was an excellent cover of Tom Petty's "American Girl" initially reinvented as a piano ballad before ripping into a full on band version. From the high tempo to the low, Clara slowed things down with the ballad "Flashbacks" showing a different style to her singing before speeding things up for the modern funky sound of "Does Your Girlfriend Know You're Single" from her debut EP. The set closed out with the modern dance sounding of "Hand's Up" her early single ending a highly entertaining set.

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