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Jenn Bostic Album Launch - The Hospital Club

Quite what Jenn Bostic made of Britain coming to a halt again, for a few inches of snow is anyones guess but it is safe to say it was going to take more than a little -9 degrees to keep TeamW21 away from the long awaited launch of "Revival" her new album. Having previewed quite a few songs on last years "Nashville In The Round" tour and at Buckle & Boots 2017 the bar of expectations for this record has been set extremely high and an expectant crowd gathered to see if she could deliver.

The Hospital Club is something of a bespoke space sometimes used for tv programme production and occasionally for showcases and tonight it is a pledgers special concert celebrating the forthcoming release of Jenn Bostics latest platter.The scene is set out a bit like s supper club with round tables and candles to set an intimate scene for what was to be an intimate gig.

As Jenn takes to the stage in the outfit that will grace the cover of the new record flanked by a guitarist on one side while a five string bass player and drummer were to the other side. The opening song, was the single of last year "Wrong Thing" announced with a thumping drum beat, it saw Jenn take her familiar position standing behind her keyboard. Immediately it was apparent this was a rootsier, bluesier Jenn then perhaps we have seen previously.

The new material continued "Haunting Me" co-written with Kyshona Armstrong had a definite funky fell to it while "Lonely", another Kyshona co-write has a gospel feel to it and was big and full of bass and ably added to by the addition of 2 backing vocalists.

It was not to be all new songs though, sitting comfortably within the new material was the anthemic "Not Yet" which thundered around the room while "Hollywood" made a return complete with the singalong element and actions that many will remember from last year!

There was a lovely back story as to why she was to choose "Love Me Like A Man" by Bonnie Raitt and it saw he walk around the stage microphone in hand..

"Love You" was another song with a gospel feel to it and was another roof raising song while "Follow You Own Star" a Sarah Darling Co-write had an almost earthy rockiness about it,

There then followed a short Q and A session before the music resumed with an unexpected bonus a solo version of "Snowstorm". The band returned for their version of one of last years tour highlights "Faint If Heart", while the backing vocalists really came into their own in the uplifting title track of the new release "Revival".

The encores came in the shape of "Jealous Of The Angels / Amazing Grace" with the whole room joining in the latter song while the evening was to close with another moment to warm our hearts on a bitingly cold night with "What Love Feels Like" which then segued into "People Get Ready" with each member of the band getting a chance to showcase their talents.

Jenn and this band had only had three sessions together before tonight, and already they were meshing together in fine form, they seem likely bring a little hope and spread a lot of love throughout 2018 on what is expected to be a highly anticipated tour.

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