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  • Chris Farlie

Callaghan Skin On Skin EP

The second of 3 planned EP's sees Callaghan move definitely in a more pop direction in fact with the opening track "Better Together", initially there almost seems a nod back to Buddy Holly as apart from a whistling intro it is just her vocals over a simple drum beat.This soon though is joined a horn section with the punch of a couple of elephants. There is an intriguing section in the middle where the whistling is echoed by a synth to the point you are almost not sure which is which.

The song celebrates the joys of unity "Your way my way we meet in the middle" and "Two heart beat as one" being lyrical examples.

The title track is a much simpler gentler affair, examining the way technology is impacting on our lives where people live idealised edited lives via their latest facebook / Instagram posts "I see you in pictures on the screen is your whole world as perfect as it seems?". The song has an almost dream like quality about it at times and Callaghan's vocals have a certain breathy sultriness about them as she says "If you want for something real"!

"Broken" has the feel of a James Bond theme audition about it, complete with a 30 piece orchestra led by top British conductor Nicholas Dodd who has conducted every James Bond.since 1997.

It was written at the end of 2016 and reflects on the state of politics in the Trump/Brexit era and quickly things have moved "it happened as i looked away", "The world I know has lost its feeling turned its back and walked away". The vocals in the soaring chorus are echoed in the strings to complete the cinematic feel and as the final notes fade away you fully expect Daniel Craig to appear!

The orchestra continues onto the 1.35 Prelude that precede and then lead on to the closing track "All Through The Night", a gentle piano led lullaby that certainly initially pays a nod to Beethovens Moonlight Sonata like many classic pop songs have previously.It closes the EP out in some style,

Quite how Callaghan is going to translate some of this into a live performance is anybody's guess but we won't have long to wait long to find out - her Tour dates are listed below.

Tues 17 April - Liverpool - Studio 2 Wed 18 April - Cheltenham - Chapel Arts Thu 19 April - Lincoln - Drill Hall Sat 21 April - Brighton Unitarian Church Sun 22 April - York - Basement Mon 23 April - Glasgow - Oran Mor Wed 25 April - Gateshead - Sage Thu 26 April - London - Bush Hall Fri 27 April - Buckingham - Radcliffe Centre Sat 28 April - Colchester - Little Rabbit Barn

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