• Chris Farlie

Kate Ellis I Believe

Kate Ellis's "Carve Me Out" album was one of, if not the best album of 2017 so her new single gives people who somehow missed out another chance to catch up on this quite remarkable singer. "I Believe" was one of half a dozen tracks that could easily have been a single, it's opening lines setting the scene and immediately we are plunged into an intense drama.

"Why" she said " do you stay with me, I'm the last thing that you need?". The answer to this question makes for the next three and a half minutes with exquisite background harmonies and sympathetic instrumentation. It is great credit to Kate that she is able to paint such an gripping picture using relatively few words.

The song ends with a tweaking of the final words of the coda, a comforting "Me and you babe we're going to be alright" and we leave them knowing that somehow everything will work out fine.

The single comes with an even more intense and beautiful acoustic version that is made by Jonathan Columbo's beautiful dobro playing being a perfect match for Kate's vocals

If for some reason "Carve Me Out" is not in your collection make a point to get acquainted as soon as possible and don't miss out on this beautiful acoustic version either.


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