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  • Chris Farlie

Hattie Briggs Early Girl

Hot on the heels of Hattie's 2017 Project "12 Months Of Madness" comes the first of 5 singles that she intends to release throughout 2018.

As well as writing her own material she has also taken to writing songs on commission and this is the result of one such request.

It's by no means an easy subject to address, that of a premature baby, the "Early Girl", and the worries and emotions that come with it of whether the next day will bring "A beating heart or angels wings".

Hattie has managed to capture the mood perfectly the baby we are told is "fighting for your life" while the parent pleads "Won't you open your eyes?". The affecting vocals take on an increasing urgency while the swirling instrumentation really captures the sound of a life and death and battle and only as they fade away in the final few bars do we get to hear a hopefully healthy heartbeat.

As well as the full on orchestral version, comes a simpler version just on acoustic guitar where the additional atmosphere is generated by Hattie's vocals alone..

#HattieBriggs #EarlyGirl

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