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Ags Connolly Emily Faye, Lethbridge Owen - Half Moon Putney

Nice to see Americana gigs once again returning to one of London's most famous venues the Half Moon, where those of a certain age may even remember the likes of Dwight Yoakhamonce gracing this very stage.

Tonight was billed as “The Acoustic Song Sessions” – and featured Emily Faye, Lethbridge Owen and Ags Connolly, performing in the increasingly popular “In The Round” format.

Emily kicked the night off with her recent single “Open Road”, and during her rounds, performed “Giving In”, “Grow” and “Me For Me” as well as two new songs –“Middle of July” and one so new it is as yet untitled, although it is provisionally titled “New Year’s Eve”, which gives you an idea about exactly when it was written! Emily is a talent to keep an eye on in the country music scene, her future is looking extremely promising. Her Nashville recorded EP will be out later this year.

Lethbridge Owen are a Duo comprising of singer Kelly Louise Lethbridge and guitarist/singer Jimmy Owen. Leaning more towards the West Coast type Rock/Pop sound, Jimmy’s incredible guitar playing was matched by Kelly’s strong vocals. They covered their two singles “Taking Over Me” and “Leaving Home” along with “Hope”, “The Great Healer”, “If Only” and the Lindsey Buckingham inspired “Nothing Sacred”. Kelly and Jimmy harmonise perfectly together, but it is Jimmy’s guitar playing that is the stand out feature of the duo. Ranging from a classical guitar style on some songs, to a full band sound, (by use of a loop pedal), on other songs. Certainly a group to watch out for.

With 2 studio albums, as well as a live album and an album of old cowboy songs, Ags Connolly had plenty of material to choose from. He went with “Do You Realise That Now”, “I Hope You’re Unhappy”, “Slow Burner” and “Nothin’ Unexpected”, all from the 2017 album of the same name, and “Get Out Of My Mind” from his “How About Now” album. He showcased a new song about a lost love while he was in Texas, called “Lonely Nights In Austin”, now who would have thought that would make a good subject for a country song! Ags is without doubt, one of the UK’s finest Real Country Music talents, sounding very much like early Willie Nelson, with song writing skills to match. He delivers the authentic Texas/Honky Tonk sound effortlessly.

A wonderful evening, made in part, by a respectful crowd, who remained absolutely quiet during the performances. If only all shows were like this.

Ags is one of the many performers who will in Devon next weekend for Midwinterfest.

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