Spotlight with Sarah Darling

It’s Country Music Week and TEAMW21 have assembled at the Borderline to meet a rather special lady. She has spent more time so much time in the UK over the last 12 months that she’s almost British now! Nominally she is the support act for the closing night of the festival – but let’s face facts the majority of the audience are really here to see her.

In the ideal world this would have been a video interview but alas technical reasons have resulted in this being a written interview you’ll just have to sit back, and join us on the settees at the back of the Borderline for a chat with Sarah Darling

TeamW21: Last time we interviewed you was back at the start of the adventure with “Dream Country” at the Winemakers, it’s still almost certainly our album of the year but now it has come out and we have the official track listings and credits there are a few questions that we could not ask at the time such as how did Charlie Worsham come to play on the album?

Sarah D: Thank you for loving the album, It has only been a year since “Dream Country” came out and I just cannot stay away from the UK. I feel so loved and the album seems to have made a connection and I’m in love with my fans for giving that to me – it really is the greatest gift,

Sarah D: It’s such an amazing story, my producer Larissa Maestro and Charlie are really good friends, and we were trying to find a perfect person for “Where Cowboys Ride”. She called Charlie and he said “Yeah I’ll come and do it”, he was in the studio later that same day with me and we recorded it. Also Sam Palladio is on “Anchor” which he sometimes performs live, I’m honoured that he loves it so. We’re friends and talking about writing for the next album too.

TeamW21: Since then as well the album has come out on a sumptuous white vinyl release, with pictures of Paris and the Universe

Sarah D: I feel like that is my brain inside, Paris and the Universe, we wanted that artwork to look how the music sounded.

Team W21: The photo session for the cover must have been interesting as various shots have appeared on the promo versions of your singles.

Sarah D: They all came from the same photo shoot, Kacey Musgraves sister shot these, her name is Kelly Christine, it was a hot summers day in Nashville and my husband designed all that.

Team W21: It was a hot summer’s day and you look that cool?

Sarah D: I was probably sweating bullets !

At this point we hand over a mobile to Sarah where Team W21’s Singapore correspondent puts a pre recorded question

Team W21 Singapore: What was it like writing “Anchor” with Sam Palladio and how did you not get distracted? He’s a dream!

Whole table laughs

Sarah D: He is a dreamboat, of course I was distracted – it’s Sam Palladio! He came over to my flat at the time and we wrote it with another good friend Jon Tyler Flowers. The way the song happened was that he had a white t-shirt with an anchor on it. He was saying he was missing home Cornwall and we just pulled inspiration from his t-shirt.

TEAMW21: How do you pull a song from the air?

Sarah D: Let me give you an example - I wrote this amazing song last week, with Jess Sharman who writes with Ward Thomas, she was staying with me in Nashville for a couple of weeks, we were talking about diamonds, “time and pressure gives you diamonds” was a quote from pinterest and suddenly we’d written a song that is now one of my favourites.

TEAMW21: Something just struck you?

Sarah D: Sometimes it is just a phrase that’s clever that I’m looking for, and then I scribble a note , I do a lot of voice memos. Songwriting is a mystery sometimes you get something in a couple of hours or a day and then you end up with this package of beauty to release to the world. The greatest gift to me is to write a song that connects with people, that is why “Halley’s Comet” is so special, that was self therapy. Even tonight I’m doing a new song that has never been played, and I love the words and the co-writer is here. Playing with the person who helped create the song brings great synergy to the performance.

TEAMW21: You’re toured the UK twice “In the Round” with Jenn Bostic, Kyshona Armstrong & Michael Logen. How do you look back on those shows?

Sarah D: We did the second one this summer, which was twice the size of the first one. I got to enjoy the second one as we really got to travel around the UK, in a car on the other side of the road. I got to talk more to people and connect