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  • Chris Farlie

Finola - Waterworks EP

Joining the ranks of one name singers is Finola with her debut EP "Waterworks". In many ways an extraordinary EP as you can quite easily hear the individual parts being played, and there are not necessarily that many , however when grouped together behind Finola's vocal delivery style it seems to add up to more than the sum of the parts producing a big sound. The EP was released this week certainly deserved to be heard by a wider public.

The opening track the somewhat threatening "Shotgun" starts with a gently strummed chord over which com some distinct vocals with a threat " I got my shotgun and i'm ready to load it up"! and a warning "You better run from here my dear", Things pick up pace after about 2 mins and there is some great electric guitar work strangely buried in the mix that makes it all the more intriguing. The most stunning thing is Finola's punchy vocal delivery.

The second song "Keep A Vow" equally grabs your attention, there's even time for a little relief as she stops singing on the line "I should stop" in what is another intense song. The song is actually built on what seems to be a simple looping acoustic guitar though once again it is the backing electric guitar that quietly steals the show. There's a degree of infatuation ."I can't escape your face in all my dreams" however also there are emotional worries and doubt, " Don't lay me down, if you won't wake me up " and "If you can't keep a promise babe how can you keep a vow" being two prime examples. As the song continues it is revealed to the singers dismay that things in this relationship have not gone well "How can I let go , tell me why you said "No"". Finola's phrasing and vocal styling also add to selling this and making it painfully believable.

To show another side "Coming For You" initially starts as vocals over an acoustic and a gently picked electric guitar before becoming a full scale pop song. There are so many hooks in this song, some inventive drumming and a damn fine vocal performance.

Rarely on a debut release would I expect an artist to have the confidence to try a song that clocks in at just under 5 and half minutes let alone one that also exposes a vulnerable side to the singer with lines like "Life can be so bleak and i'm so weak"

It is fully 2 minutes in before the drums, electric guitar and backing vocals kick in.

The songs shows someone in the midst of a break up, and lines like "Push me out to sea leave me be, so you can go on" are almost heartbreaking in their frankness.

An outstanding debut EP from someone we'll be hearing a lot more about in the future,

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