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  • Chris Farlie

Emily Faye - Open Road

Hot on the heels of her appearance at the Songwriter's Circle element of Steve Young's venture at the Hertford Corn Exchange comes the debut single from Emily Faye.Having already worked on collaborations with Frankie Davis and Jake Morrell and with a number of songs on social media - she is already on the radar as a potential name for the future.

I would have to question the wisdom of putting your back on the sleeve of your single, however I guess it is indicative of the journey ahead of her.

The song itself is actually a tribute to her parents who love nothing better than to get out in their camper van apparently, and that wherever you are in the world the important thing is who you are with -

"You are the one I need with me on the open road!" as the chorus says!

Recorded in Nashville it is bright and breezy and has a pace that conveys the sense of driving along. It is hugely enjoyable and strangely addictive, with a lot achieved from a couple of guitars and some percussion that drives things along nicely. It serves as an interesting introduction to Emily and we look forward to the rest of the EP to follow in 2018 as well as seeing more of her at the Fifth Floor album launch.

#EmilyFaye #OpenRoad

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