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Paul Carella - My Little Lady

For his latest single, Paul Carella has gone deep into the country blues, it announces itself with a pounding drum and a scuzzy blues guitar that opens out on to a chorus of Paul crying "My Little Lady" with a backing of "Yeah Yeah"'s.

It is hot and sultry, and everything that you'd want from a blues record, with the first verse Paul speaking down the phone to his to his girl saying she is going to "sweat like a Mississippi river" , while in the second she tells us what she likes about him even though she knows he's "trouble", with the third verse breaking down down the fourth wall as Paul addresses the audience to assure us that "she's everything I want, everything I need"

It's noisy, grungy low down and dirty and I have to say I absolutely loved it from start to finish, four minutes of sheer delight.

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