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Journey Home "Nights Like These" EP Launch

When Journey Home first came to our attention around 2015 as the band formerly known as Acoustic Journey, their musical style was uptempo and easily liked. Sammons, Jonesy and Gurney were three likeable lads who’s affable style and genuine kindness really won our hearts, before they even sang a note. Then they started playing tracks and their early music was raw in style and even though it is still on the set list these days, and loved, it showed real potential, this is why these three lads from Northants stayed on our radar.

Over the years we have attended many events where various lineups have changed, keys added (and left), drums or cajon, full band or not but now I think they have hit the nail on the head with the style of the band, last night was one of the best nights, the only other night that would beat it was Andy Sammon’s wedding reception, where the boys blew the barn doors off, but that is another story !!

So we headed off to Brackley, the home of F1, for anyone in the know, I love Motorsport to drive past the Mercedes factory was exciting enough let alone know I was getting a night of Country Music :) The venue was a beautiful Cotswold hotel, set in the centre of the High Street and not where I would expect a gig but right at the back was an amazing reception room, that had been prepared for the event. Our line up for the night was Tim Milligan formally of TC Country, Demi Marriner, Backwoods Creek and finally the boys themselves ! All this for less than ten pounds what more could you ask for?

First up was Tim, he was first presented to the scene back at Buckle and Boots, he seems to be one of the most travelled artists on the scene at the moment, He did a concise set with covers explaining what he was doing at the moment and what his plans are for the future. He told us that TC Country is no more and that at the moment it is just Tim Milligan, we wish you luck Tim and hope you get where you want to be.

Next was Demi and her band of men, they did really well to play against an ever growing cacophony of noise, this is a bug bear of mine and others in the venue, other acts and theirs families need to learn respect, when there is someone playing, just shush !! I struggled to concentrate for listening to someone talking about what their next gig was, that was really upsetting. Saying that Demi is really talented, her band are amazing and I can’t wait to see her again. Thank you for putting up with the noise issue :)

Now the Backwoods Creek boys are a w21Music favourite we have met and worked together a few times, most recently at Buckle and Boots, where they blew the roof of our Acoustic Tent, these guys are fantastic, they are on point, good fun and just great whether a duo, as they were last night or full band. If you get a chance catch up with them or buy their music. They finished off with an encore of Chicken Fried as they had at B&B and everyone loved it. That was how to warm up Brackley

So everyone was ready for Journey Home, they were ready for us, so home to kick it off? Real Good Feel Good, did we? Hell yeah …. The place was packed out, front to back, side to side. They played all the favourites from the old EP’s and of course the new stuff and it sounded amazing. The additions of Jamie on bass now is awesome, he has settled in very well, and now we have Colin on keys, this made for a grown up sound and I will say they look like a adult band now, they aren’t playing at it anymore. They are doing a “proper job” Well done guys, I hope this is the start of great things, don’t forget those applications for Buckle and Boots 2018 and C2C Pop Ups you deserve it ;)



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