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  • Chris Farlie

Holloway Road - Under Cover

Perhaps the most at ease in the studio of all the UK country bands, the new single from Holloway Road arrives and it would appear that Jack Cooper & Robert Gulston have been testing out what all the knobs and buttons in the studio do!

The sound is smoothed out almost like a UK Old Dominion, there are sections on vocoder as well the Radio 2 essential for all music they play these days the pointless "Hey " in the background.

The "Cover Cover Cover" element of the chorus is also surely a knowing nod towards Rhiannon's "Umbrella"

Once heard though it is difficult to dislodge from your memory and it is a worthy addition to their collection of excellent singles, and is sure to find favour with their growing legion of fans

There are some nice little touches lyric wise "We haven't grown we've just grown apart" along with the vocal dexterity to make the line "if that's your perogative I won't be part of it" scan while the modern relationship dilemma of seeing "a background change of a brand new face" perfectly captures finding out that you've definitely been erased out of someones life and replaced.

#HollowayRoad #UnderCover

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