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Clara Bond - Buckle & Boots 2017


Taking to the main stage like a duck to water, Clara Bond put in a hugely enjoyable set that had "Star In The Making" stamped all over it. Kicking off with the title track from her excellent "Out Of Towners" EP it was immediately apparent that she has both a very tight well drilled band as well as having the ability to cover off a range of styles with effortless ease.

By the time she had completed the hopelessly addictive pop sound of "Love Can't Stay" and the more countryish "Tambourine", her second single, you were left pondering quite why she was not already a household name.

With a line in quite sassy songs, such as "Does Your Girlfriend Know Your Single" she delivers a punchy song both lyrically and audibly. Dressed in her black wellies she continued to deliver an excellent faultless set. Her cover of Maren Morris's "Sugar" caused a fellow C2C attendee to come up to Clara after the show to say that her version surpassed the one supplied by Maren herself at the recent O2 show - it was hard to disagree. It was not to be all uptempo songs and one of the later songs, billed as the "saddest song ever" called "Make Me Whole" or possibly "Wake Me Up" proved Clara equally adept at delivering a slower ballad - either way it was superb and we cannot wait to see what she does next.

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