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  • Chris Farlie

Morganway - Buckle & Boots 2017

The joy of Buckle & Boots, possibly more than even C2C is that you get a chance to be introduced to new artists and bands and see them perform on a big stage with time to set up properly.. By far the most impressive of the new bands I got to see were the Norfolk based Morganway. Few UK bands have sought to emulate the alt country sound but the moment this lot hit the stage they played with gusto and a full on sound that echoed a hyped up Fleetwood Mac or possibly Oregon based band The Decemberists circa "The King Is Dead".

They captured my attention from the very opening song "My Love Ain't Gonna Get You", with its driving, drum beat and powerful chorus that kept the viewers focus. Next up the the even faster tempo of "Let Me Go?", here the highlight being the fantastic interchange between the various vocalists.

There was time for a cover on the shape of Bruce Springsteens "Dancing In The Dark", with the song given a new time signature and a harmonica solo compliments of vocalist Yve Mary B that gave it a new breath of life. The more they played the more they impressed, every song a high intensity tour de force. The set continued with songs from their eponymous album which is an amalgamation of 2 EP's, "Devils Canyon" and "London Life" continued that blend of driving beats, and guitars married with an onslaught of vocals.

Closing out with "Hurricane" they put in one of the best sets of the whole weekend, this is a band that should go places, they continue to tour throughout the East of England during July and August and will hit London on August the 13th at The Spice Of Life - Highly recommended!

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