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  • Chris Farlie

Melanie - Ready To Run EP

Following up on her promise at C2C to release something soon, the debut EP from Melanie has arrived and it is simply quite stunning. With a sleeve just showing a long empty road and no information other than the song titles, which is a shame as there is no way to give credit to those who have helped create this EP.

The title track “Ready To Run” was the song that opened her recent C2C performance, it starts with an acoustic guitar but soon opens up to a full band, including an almost Mark Knopfler like guitar backing and a lovely gentle keyboard sound that gently washes over the track in the background that provides the ideal backing for undoubtedly Mel’s best vocal to date. The lyrics need little examination, it really is all there for the listener with little need to decipher. As an opening song it is quite an introduction.

In contrast “Soldier On” opens with a bracing riff before leading on to a quite different sounding song. The delivery of the vocals has a nice rhythm to it. Some neat synth work and echoing on the vocals gives this a distinctly different sound. It is quite distinct from anything else around at the moment.

“Save It” is as raw and emotional as any country song ever made, once again there’s little point examining the lyrics it is all there for the listener to hear for themselves. In many ways, it is almost a duet as at times there are distinct male backing vocals, as well as an electric guitar which really helps shape the track. The title is listed as “Save It” leaving off the barb that makes up the rest of the line “for someone who gives a damn”.

This EP is only available direct from or at live shows for as long as there are copies, so get in quick.

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