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Emma Swindells Band - Buckle & Boots 2017

The job of rousing everyone from their tents and caravans on Sunday fell to Emma Swindells and her band. This was a promotion to the main stage after her stella performance in the acoustic tent last year. The band consisting of twin sister Laura on drums, along with her other sister Clare on guitar and Ric, the "brother from a different mother" on bass were there to provide the necessary volume. This was a chance to preview material from her forthcoming EP as well the chance to visit some old favourites.

The rallying call to announce that the day had begun came in the shape of the guitar riff that was the basis of the new song "Radio Silence", an excellent opener. Sporting a "Music has value" vest she continued with another song from that forthcoming EP, "Lover Of My Best Friend" is a lyrical twist on what you think the song may be about, in many ways it was classic Emma, as we just had to sit and listen to the tale of betrayal unfold. Musically it was driven along by thumping drumbeat of her sibling. Things were to then slow down with another new song "Disappear" which was mainly acoustic guitar and saw Emma move to holding the microphone.

By now the crowd was growing significantly, and it was time for the unveiling of the trademark banjo, for another as yet unrecorded song, "Carry Your Load" which had a steadily building chorus. Emma and her band were in fine form and it was back to her first EP for the firm crowd favourite, "Dancing On My Own" and the ever popular "Flatline" about seizing opportunities and taking risks which drew a large round of applause.

To close things, a final new song "Lost For Words", proving that her forthcoming EP should be something to relish when it finally materialises. By the end of the set, the day was well and truly, officially kick started into life!

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