Catherine McGrath - One EP

The debut EP “One” from Catherine McGrath, the singer we were introduced to at the Under The Apple Tree Festival in a Day at Cadogan Hall, is a perfect example of how to introduce yourself to the wider public. It has an acoustic bass and a couple of acoustic guitars but otherwise the spotlight is left to shine on Catherine and her ability to sing, write and interpret songs.

The opening track, “Hell Would Have To Freeze Over” is a hilarious list of requirements needing to be fulfilled before an ex will be allowed back in her life such as “drinks could start making you sober”, “sun would start getting colder”. It is a nicely paced, well constructed song and the lack of instruments really works well.

“Cinderella” written with one of the stars of the recent C2C Songwriters night, Liz Rose, is an optimistic song hoping that tonight will be the night her prince will see her. Things are made slightly cruel, as she has to watch him “dance with every other girl in the room”. At Cadogan Hall, Catherine had a thing about Taylor Swift songs so one would imagine she had a great time working with Liz who helped pen many of Taylors songs.

If “Cinderella” was hoping for a love to come, then “She’ll Never Love You” is about mourning one that has gone. As the song evolves the singer has a touch of desperation about her, hopefully asking “Are you looking at her while you are thinking about me”

“Say You Love Me” extracts the bare bones from the song that was a fairly, synthetic, robotic minor hit for Jessie Ware, co written with among others a certain Edward Sheeran. Catherine has removed all of the dreary drum machines and made it into a much better song.

As a debut EP it is full of great promise, Catherine has been gigging furiously around town in some high profile support slots with Una Healy, Cam & Canaan Smith which should give her great experience to take into her future efforts.

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