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  • Chris Farlie

Worry Dolls - Club WM - C2C 2017

For the last 6 months we’ve tended to see the Worry Dolls more in front of the stage rather than on it, as they are great music fans as well as being a great band in their own right. So it was a pleasure to finally see them tread the boards again, taking to the stage, backed with a full band for their first appearance of the Festival, including the pedal steel virtuoso CJ Hillman. With dream catchers hanging from their microphone stands and guitars, they started their set with “I Miss You Already”, immediately reminding us of just how beautiful their harmonies are. They have just released an stunningly beautiful album in “Go Get Gone” and rightfully used their slot to play selected highlights from it.

The infectious “Light Oh Light” followed, all the time Zoe & Rosie were both grinning from ear to ear such was their enjoyment. It was 2 years ago, that they were at the same venue as part of the “Under The Apple Tree” segment, and they remarked that so much had happened to them in between. On their travels to the US, they became acquainted with the phrase “Bless Your Heart” which they have managed to turn into their “Rock Song”! It was time to break out the double bass for the atmospheric “Don’t Waste Your Heart On Me”.

We first became aware of the Worry Dolls via the spirited EP’s so it was great to hear a trip back to the “Burden” EP for “Long Gone”, about standing up for yourself and not letting others define who you are. Time with the Worry Dolls always flies by so fast and there was still so much more from the new album that we were desperate to hear. Alas there was only time for final song “Train’s Leaving” with Zoe providing additional harmonica.

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