Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys - Big Entrance Stage - C2C 2017

For those who had stayed for the Cam aftershow party, a 10:30 start the next day for the first band of the day at the Big Entrance stage was a big ask but #TeamW21 were in place for a set by Somersets finest, the Thunderbridge Bluegrass Band. The stage was set, with an old time radio microphone centre stage covered with a TBB logo, that at various times either one or all of the TBB would gather round to sing.

Using the occasion to publicise their latest album of self penned songs they were a refreshing change and just the sort of thing to wipe any morning cobwebs away. Commencing with the catchy “Jailer Jailer” they were a compelling sight, with a banjo, a double bass, a fiddle and guitar and the fact that at least three of the team gathered around the microphone for the chorus. Next up was the really catchy “Blue Blue Blue”. They had a great banter with the assembled crowd, and had a nice routine with their “crowd remote”.

Songs like “Scissor Paper Stone” were just infectious good time music played by a band clearly enjoying what they were doing. Their songs were not all 100mph though, the beautiful ballad “¾ time” was as good as any song that we would hear over the whole weekend. Their songs were hugely entertaining “Still Waters” left you full of admiration for both their harmonies and general musicality. There was a change in vocalist, as the fiddle player took over, but no let up in standards for “Who Is Howling At Door?”. The penultimate song was a full throttle “Who’s Shoulder Will You Cry On?” a sheer explosion of goodtime music and a great advert for British Bluegrass music.

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