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  • Chris Farlie

Jarrod Dickenson - Big Entrance Stage - C2C 2017

A welcome return to the UK ahead of his upcoming album and tour for Jarrod Dickenson making his debut at C2C. He really made an impact last year in his support slot with The Waterboys and his show at The Slaughtered Lamb was a sight to behold. Playing as a three piece they commenced their set with “Take Me Down”, immediately Jarrod’s huge presence and voice filled the huge foyer area.

He has a voice almost perfectly suited for songs like the blues romp of “Ain’t For The Faint Of Heart” and has the warmth of a soul singer on the beautiful “Take It From Me” where he can hold notes with ease.

Never afraid to touch on social issues, the song “Goldrush”, ostensibly seemed to be about the great Gold Rush of the 1800’s but may also have had something to say about the state of greed and corruption in the modern world. He is a master storyteller and the little vignette of a couple meeting on the dance floor, who are like ships passing in the night is compelling to listen to.

The only released song was the slightly faster paced “Little Black Dress” which only served to whet the appetite for the forthcoming tour.

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