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Molly-Anne Bristol Boy

August 17, 2019


One of the best bits of research prior to this years C2C that the W21 team did was finding out about Molly-Anne. Her single "In Your Dreams" is certainly up there for being one of the most perfect singles of 2019 and her latest single "Bristol Boy" will also find its way on to that list - equally good but as different as it could possibly me


Announcing itself with some lovely late 70's choppy guitar and a driving drum beat, this is an absolute delight from beginning to end, a sort of new wave meets country over which Molly-Anne lays down a suitably apt vocal.It's refreshing to hear something so immediate and snappy that has a real upbeat summery feel about it - as she relives "running over Clifton Common searching for the sun"


It revisits a time in Molly-Anne's earlier years so we get to hear about "cider from plastic cups", "getting high on Tuesday nights", it just has a magnificent exuberance about it that is impossible to resist.


Available to Pre Order from tomorrow


Available to buy 24/9 from all Digital retailers.





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