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  • Chris Farlie

Who To Catch at Long Road - Gasoline & Matches - With Stage Times

Each time #TEAMw21 go to The Long Road Festival, at some point we will find ourselves stood next to and chatting away with Gasoline & Matches. This year it will be slightly different for they are actually playing on Friday night, so we will get to see what they do best.

At Buckle & Boots 2023 they closed the Paddock Stage with a storming performance including the arrival of a sax player to add to the overall sound.

and we expect a similarly barnstorming set at Long Road. With their latest single "Patient Wolves" currently prowling the airwaves - this really is an ideal time to catch them.

Expect some shameless rock posing, great harmonies a searing guitar solo or two and be prepared to raise a glass with Sally Rea as she undoubtedly puts on another bravura performance on "Never Have I Ever"

Gasoline & Matches play The Front Porch Stage Friday Aug 25th 20:55

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