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  • Chris Farlie

Who To Catch At Long Road - Avery Anna

For those not keeping up to date on the last minute comings and goings on The Long Road bill - it may come as a surprise to find out that Avery Anna is now playing. We at #TEAM21 like to think we played our part in this, having made Avery the cover feature of our latest playlist, based on her excellent new single "Worst In Me" - the fact that she was due to come to the UK soon to play with Breland - a pure coincidence!

Avery is no stranger to the "New Country Playlist" as she has featured with each of her singles so far. Her live show at the Indigo at C2C 2022 was one of our favourites of the whole weekend, so an early chance to see her again is fine by us. When she strode on stage at the Indigo in 2022 we said she had "the air of someone fearless and unafraid".

With singles like "Can't Miss You Anymore" and of course the masterful "Narcissist" she can hardly fail. The new single "Worst In Me" is a two and half minute epic with so much packed into it that English Literature classes should have the lyrics set for their homework to examine. It all bodes well for a truly excellent show.

Avery Anna plays The Rhinestone Stage Sat Aug 26th 13:45 tbc

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